7 Easy Steps

Look at our process of inquiry through finished product

1. Meet in person or via Skype

Let’s meet and talk about solutions for your companies goals. We can chat over email, schedule an in-person meeting or over Skype.

2. Proposal for approval

We will make a written proposal of deliverables within a 3 month period to stay on track.

3. Fill out a simple contract

Filling out a simple contract will assure that our business stays transperant and with a strong
communicative relationship.

4. Schedule a meeting to approve user interface

The contract date for the user interface to be delivered means that within that same week we can meet and approve last reiterations of design for approval.

5. Reiterate user interface

The final touches of the website design will be made and be ready for coding.

6. Approve design for coding

After approved for coding, the website will be on its way to be coded to fit all devices well, be fast, and rank well on Google in terms of their set rules.

7. Receive updates

As the website is being coded, you will be notified when each page has been coded. After all have been coded, there will be testing to insure best results.